Frequently Asked Questions

Are you fully insured?
Having insured DJ equipment is no different than insuring your home. Cubey is insured for up to $1,000,000 and knock on wood, has never once needed to use it. It is nice knowing that it is there though. Cubey meticulously tapes down any and all loose wiring with black gaffer tape (never leaves residue on the floor).

How many songs are in your music collection?
Cubey Entertainment has access to an unlimited number of songs, our collection is vast and we are always adding more songs. Plus, any song that you need can be obtained. Cubey Entertainment is the ultimate source for all your needs.
Cubey carries all types of music (1920's to the most current song(s) on the radio), and ALL of them are legal (not downloaded). Whatever your needs, Cubey Entertainment has just the right song(s) for you.

How early do you arrive to each event?
Cubey arrives at least 1 hour before the event begins professionally dressed (Tuxedo for a wedding, suit for a party).

Do you take requests?
YES. Without requests, Cubey wouldn't have a job. All the music that Cubey plays is edited, so you never have to worry about offending guests.

Do you drink or smoke on the job?
Not only does Cubey NOT drink or smoke on the job, he abstains completely from any and all alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances.

Do you have provide a written contract?
YES. A contract is good idea as it protects both DJ and client.

How much do you charge?
Ah yes, the million dollar question. Cubey does NOT discuss pricing online. Call him anytime at 781.249.9556 and he will be happy to discuss pricing over the phone or in person.

Is setting up and breaking down included in your price?
ABSOLUTELY. The client is only charged for the time that Cubey plays (generally 4 or 5 hours).